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Turning business thinking to performance.

Does your plant count on you to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage?

Sure, you could do it on your own, but bringing in experts in technology and process optimization reduces your time investment and provides you with a greatly expanded skill set. To get exceptional results, you need a partner that is radically committed to your success – someone who can provide solutions from the straightforward to the creative and complex.

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Why JMP Engineering?

At JMP, our entire team is committed to helping you succeed. We have formed strong, long-term working relationships with both clients and partners because we do what we say we’ll do. Every time. All the time. Our solutions are guaranteed to perform – increasing efficiency and productivity, improving quality or helping you with safety and compliance.

Getting Started

Explore our capabilities and learn how we can help you with:

  • Control Systems When you face the challenge of adding new processes and equipment, modernization, conversion and continuous improvements while ensuring plant operations remain unaffected, it’s time to turn to JMP.
  • Information Systems Our unmatched combination of experienced people, mature project management methodology and technological expertise ensures MES/MOM projects generate a return on investment – for plant performance and a better bottom line.
  • Smart Robotic Systems JMP takes a customer’s perspective and applies creative thinking to develop automation solutions that are smarter and simpler than traditional mechanical solutions.

You can also find out more about how we serve your specific industry by clicking the links on the right.

JMP’s core philosophy of delivering an extraordinary customer experience compels us to work with you until you’re consistently getting remarkable results. But the real magic is in integrating solutions that address needs that go deeper than the obvious. We make understanding your business a prerequisite. Plus, we provide transparent communication to keep you informed throughout the project and beyond.

Be confident knowing that JMP will recommend innovative approaches, apply proven solutions and generate positive business outcomes.

Featured Industry – Oil & Gas

Today’s production and processing capacities struggle to keep ahead of the demand curve and both upstream and midstream facilities will need to be expanded. Automation projects by the oil and gas sector, which includes exploration, production, and pipelines, are expected to continue growing over the foreseeable future. Read more →

Featured Solution – PipeFlex™

JMP’s PipeFlex solutions are designed to automate the ergonomically challenging and often bottlenecking process of manually applying thread protectors and/or couplings to the ends of pipes. Read more →