JMP Engineering (Corporate)

The JMP Way

Our values and beliefs are at the heart and soul of everything we do, what we stand for and, most importantly, where we are going – they are the bedrock upon which we build our future. The values you see below are a set of principles, which capture the spirit, philosophy, and day-to-day business practices of our company – they represent the JMP way. They are not new values, but rather a reinforcement of long-held company principles that underscore our relationships with clients, employees, and business partners.


We do what we say we’ll do – every time, all the time:


We value strong, mutually beneficial relationships:

Pursuit of Excellence

We are in constant pursuit of excellence:


We value people who lead by example, take pride in what they do and inspire others:

Respect for People

We promote a caring environment of mutual respect for our employees, our customers, our partners, and our communities:


We team together to achieve far more than we could on our own: