JMP Engineering (Corporate)


Soup Line Complaints Cut by 50% after Upgrade

Inconsistent quality of their product, as reported by customer complaints, was the key driver. The line was the reported to be the worst performer in the facility and was equipped with out-of-date technology, resulting in waste and low machine OEE.

Power House DCS Gets A New Life

The customer required an upgrade and expansion of their existing power house DCS to accommodate inclusion of new boilers and consolidation of operations into a new…

JMP Cuts Paint Use by 40% and Saves This Client Almost $1,000,000

Lacking a consistent method for applying paint, and the default option being the most expensive, this automotive part manufacturer was wasting material and money and reached out to JMP for the solution.

JMP Installs Wireless Technology and Eliminates Unscheduled Downtime

The inefficient LJU carrier system required constant reactive maintenance to its proprietary controls and track system. Support for the system was non-existent. Parts were only available on an as build basis and …