JMP Engineering (Corporate)


Soup Line Complaints Cut by 50% after Upgrade

Inconsistent quality of their product, as reported by customer complaints, was the key driver. The line was the reported to be the worst performer in the facility and was equipped with out-of-date technology, resulting in waste and low machine OEE.

JMP Strikes the Right Balance For Data Collection

Our client was missing targets and needed undisputed production data to pinpoint root causes and enable continuous improvement initiatives in order to achieve production goals.

Traceability Keeps Solar Panels on Track

What people where running those machines? What process data was collected throughout the manufacturing process? Which of these variables can we pinpoint as the root cause of my problem?

New Local DCS Solution Integrates Seamlessly With Central Operations

A food/consumer goods manufacturer required the implementation of new unit operation batch controls solution with local operator interface and integration to existing central operations…

JMP Alleviates Risk to Patient Safety while Maintaining Regulatory Compliance

With medical devices that are custom manufactured to each patient’s unique specifications it is critical to verify a match between the product, package, and multiple documentation packets throughout…