JMP Engineering (Corporate)

Aggregates, Cement & Minerals

Increasing cost, production and competitive pressures are driving the need for continuous improvement. Our industry experience, process knowledge, and solutions are engineered to meet your specific automation requirements for processing, finishing and packaging product.

JMP Helps Clients Improve Performance

Improve yield, quality and process operations from shift to shift

JMP has significant experience engineering and integrating batch process control and continuous process control – optimizing, upgrading and replacing systems with minimal plant interruption. We understand the risks associated with modifications to any process and have mitigation plans to ensure any retrofits are uneventful.

Reduce energy costs in the process

JMP can provide energy management solutions that monitor, predict and reduce energy demand in the process. JMP’s process and automation experts assist their clients in identifying areas that have the greatest opportunity for improvement, and deliver solutions which achieve energy savings through the application of advanced controls and optimization.

Increase Uptime and Safety

Take advantage of operational management systems

Better data capture and information flow up, down and across an enterprise helps with driving cost down, quality up and turns knowledge into performance.

Improved reliability using flexible automated material handling solutions

JMP’s flexible conveyance and material handling solutions will improve employee safety while reducing non-value added labour costs associated with moving dangerous, heavy, or volatile materials usually with an 18 month ROI.