JMP Engineering (Corporate)


Production managers who want to minimize downtime on the production line. Quality Control Engineers who need integrated quality control systems. Plant managers who simply want projects to go as planned.

JMP has been helping automotive sector clients improve productivity, increase product quality and deliver projects on time and on budget for more than 20 years. We deliver direct and immediate impact on your production performance, quality, safety and profitability.

Integrated Quality Control that saves Rework, Money and Headaches

Every manufacturer dreams of effective in-line, automated quality control. The earlier a faulty part, assembly or installation is detected, the less rework is required.

JMP has implemented hundreds of in-line checks, including torque controllers, vision systems, operator picklight stations, underbody inspections and more. And all our systems tie back to a supervisory system, enabling immediate identification and action on faulty builds and out of spec parts.

Our systems have saved automotive manufacturers thousands of dollars in rework and warranty claims. Our approach is to build it right the first time, validate the build, and archive the results.

Safety Upgrades and Assessments that take the Pain out of Production

Lost time due to worker injury is a key metric for automotive plants. With increasing demands from the Ministry of Labour and your own Ergonomics and Health & Safety departments, it’s more than just a measurement. It’s a way of doing business for manufacturers everywhere.

JMP brings an extensive knowledge of safety systems through installation and upgrades with all types of technologies. Our close ties to Pre-Start Health & Safety Review (PSR) partner companies positions us as the leader in innovative, production friendly safety upgrades.

From the most complex robot cell to a simple gate switch, we will make the process safe, without sacrificing ease of use or hurting your bottom line.

Well-Managed Installations and Projects that Leave Nothing to Chance

With production running at 100% or more, the last thing you want to do is shut the line down for an upgrade or system change.

Installing and commissioning large system changes over a single week shutdown requires intense planning, including extensive experience in contingency planning, plus the effective management of Trades and risk. This is a skill set that we’ve perfected because of more than 20 years experience in automotive assembly plants.

JMP brings structured a project management system and communications strategy to your system upgrade challenges that leaves nothing to chance. Let us shoulder the responsibility of shutdown planning and implementation and get the job done right, the first time.