JMP Engineering (Corporate)

Consumer Goods

Every day the pressure builds. Margins are squeezed. Customer demands change. There’s less room to maintain or increase profitability.

Plant and production managers are looking for new and innovative ways to reduce manufacturing costs, stay nimble to meet changing customer demands and manage their business in a global economy.

JMP will help you stay ahead of the curve, by finding ways to automate processes, reduce order fulfillment times and boost margins.

Find the hidden margin opportunities through JMP Automation

Fewer, larger customers driving down unit prices through buying power, place a big squeeze on your margins. Through our extensive automation experience, JMP can help you automate non-value added processes so you can reallocate labour to more value-added activities.

We can also identify the critical contributors to production downtime by integrating solutions that improve equipment effectiveness and predict maintenance needs.

Get a taste for change with JMP production solutions

Consumer demands change rapidly with new products, tastes and trends coming on the market almost daily. Your ability to launch new products quickly and efficiently is the key to your competitiveness as well as your survival.

JMP can help improve customer relationships and reduce order fulfillment times through production solutions that reduce changeovers and downtime. Our systems can also alert you to out-of-spec problems on your production line in real-time to help you keep a closer eye on your bottom line.