JMP Engineering (Corporate)

Industrial Energy & Utility

JMP’s Industrial Energy & Utilities team specializes in the application of energy saving process solutions across all major process industries providing comprehensive solution design, implementation, and support.

Proven Energy Management Strategies

JMP’s process and automation experts assist their clients in identifying areas that have the greatest opportunity for improvement, and deliver solutions which achieve energy savings through the application of advanced controls and optimization. JMP has improved performance of supply side steam and electric generation for clients across many industries with energy management modules designed specifically for coordinated header pressure control, boiler load allocation, turbine load allocation, load shedding and utility tie line control.

Multi-Fuel Boiler Optimization (Biomass and Process Generated Fuels)

JMP’s demonstrated expertise in multi-fuel combustion controls and optimizations allows the boilers to meet process steam demand while maximizing biomass and process generated fuel usage and minimizing the use of fossil fuels. These proven strategies have reduced the use of fossil fuels to zero or near zero in their application to industrial power boiler combustion controls.

Power Boiler Combustion Optimization (Fossil and Combo-Fuels)

JMP’s combustion control optimization packages are specifically designed to handle Power Boiler combination fuels where the Fuel BTU content is either unknown or highly variable. These packages provide for optimum heat release and steam generation regardless of the fuel BTU content or variability.

Impact of Proposed EPA Boiler/Process Heater MACT Rules

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has proposed new Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) standards for industrial boilers and process heaters, which will impose tighter emission limits and monitoring requirements for eleven subcategories of boilers and process heaters, based on fuel type and unit design.

Clients are seeking proactive strategies to sustaining their plant assets in the shadow of these changes.

Safety Instrumented Systems

JMP assists clients in achieving the highest level of safety. The SIS services provided by JMP are in compliance with the latest ISA SP84 safety standards and API/RP-556 design guidelines.