JMP Engineering (Corporate)

Life Sciences

The Life Sciences sector has gone global. And that means increased pressure from off-shore manufacturers, tighter margins and the need to minimize costs.

JMP has the knowledge to improve your operation, and the experience to develop solutions that meet your particular needs.

Increase quality and productivity with minimum cost

Increased pressure from global competition is forcing overhead reductions throughout the Life Science Industry. Production departments are being expected to perform over a broader product range with the same legacy equipment while maintaining quality and efficiency standards. JMP Engineering has in house expertise to provide cost effective solutions that increase productivity and quality with minimum capital expenditure.

Take the headaches out of project management

Complicated projects require specialists for a successful turnover of a first rate solution. Sourcing and managing the right contractors for equipment, utilities, validation, and more can add headaches and delays to an already lean running operation. JMP has the experience and industry contacts to provide (or source and manage) the right people for all phases of projects large and small (excluding construction).

Breathe new life into old equipment

Extending the useful life of capital equipment is normally done through preventative maintenance programs. PM efforts focus on the mechanical aspects of the equipment and replacing like for like as issues arise. However, control systems become obsolete well before the life span of the equipment is reached. Completing a controls upgrade breathes new life into your existing capital equipment, while improving machine control, reliability and safety. Finally, modern control systems come with enhanced technology like Ethernet and Web based connectivity allowing better business optics through process data.

JMP can help you solve your control system issues and save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over purchasing new equipment or as a risk mitigation strategy to avoid unexpected down time.

Data management solutions for better decision making

The Information Systems division of JMP can deliver custom, configurable or off the shelf data management solutions designed to collect, process and utilize data. Data from the plant floor provides the opportunity for better business decision making. JMP can deliver, modify or augment operational system from plant floor applications such as SCADA and OEE systems, into MES systems and Plant to Enterprise Integration (SAP). Having the know how is the first step, having the industry experience is the second. JMP also meets all the current regulatory standards for code revision, GAMP5, GMP and 21CFR part11.

JMP: Experience you can profit from

Trust JMP’s Life Science expertise with a team that has prepared Validation Master Plans, prepared and executed hundreds of IOPQ’s for equipment, facilities and computer systems, prepared and executed training plans, developed Quality Management Systems; including Policies and SOP’s, and consulted on quality audits.