JMP Engineering (Corporate)

Metal Processing

Improving the bottom line by ensuring your assets are performing to their potential is top of mind for JMP. Our extensive experience, process knowledge, integrated (control/automation/information) services and solutions are engineered to meet your specific requirements in stamping, forming and fabricating metals.

Apply JMP’s Expertise in Metal Processing

Experience in process and discrete control systems will improve yield, quality and process operations from shift to shift

Upgrade and retrofit control systems to improve operational efficiency and reduce costs and time required to train and maintain assets.

Improved safety and throughput using flexible automated material handling solutions

JMP has developed flexible vision guided robotic material handling solutions that will improve employee safety while reducing non-value added labour costs associated with handling dangerous or heavy materials – usually with an 18 month or better ROI.

Metal processors benefit from realistic, real-time information about their plants’ operating capacities

Better data capture and information flow up, down and across an enterprise helps with driving cost down and quality up, and turns knowledge into performance.

Value of a Reliable and CSIA Certified Partner

JMP will help you uncover opportunities to improve overall plant performance. Our CSIA certification is our seal of quality. Our project management and quality assurance and control methodology ensures well-planned and delivered projects. JMP can assist you in forming initial concepts, specifications, and design engineering, project execution, mechanical fabrication, commissioning and training of operators and maintenance employees.