JMP Engineering (Corporate)

Pulp & Paper

No matter what type or size of mill you operate, you need solutions that solve the challenges of global competition, increasing energy and raw materials costs and stringent environmental compliance.

JMP specializes in helping mills manage their process automation and control, energy management, boiler and combustion control, power and steam distribution, wastewater treatment, material handling, roll grinding applications, as well as data collection and reporting systems – safely and cost-effectively. Our industry team will apply specific application and process experience optimizing, upgrading or adding technology in the power and pulping, and paper making areas of your mill.

Learn how you can increase your profitability with our industry-wide solutions.

We Help Mills Reach Their Full Potential

JMP has provided automation solutions to the Pulp & Paper industry for over 20 years. We’ll help determine which automation projects in your mill will yield the highest return on investment. Additionally, JMP offers the full range of electrical, instrumentation and DCS design and specification services as well as Regulatory DCS and Discrete PLC and Hybrid Systems Control Configuration Services.

Proven industry optimization solutions to extend the life of existing assets

Reduce costs, improve quality and efficiency with a portfolio of optimization solutions. JMP has invested in Pulp & Paper expertise, engineering, and application capabilities to provide integrated automation solutions across key areas of your mill including; Recovery Boiler PRCTM, Multi-Fuel Boilers combustion controls with Duel Master™, Evaporator/Concentrator Dry Solids Sweet Spot Control™, Lime Kiln LKOS™, Powerhouse Energy Management System™ , and Coater Kitchen Batch Management.

Real-time power control to manage energy like a raw material

Years of hands on industry experience combined with a thorough understanding of pulp and paper processes enables JMP to improve pulping and powerhouse performance resulting in lower steam and electric energy costs, better product consistency and ultimately, reduced costs of goods sold.

Project management and execution to reduce downtime and risk

Certified project managers and applications engineers reduce the project risk and improve the execution of project development and commissioning because they have worked inside the industry.