JMP Engineering (Corporate)

Specialty Chemical

Maintaining profitability, safety and compliance in an industry experiencing tougher regulations, aging assets and increasing energy and feedstock prices are a common set of challenges among our North American clients. Our extensive experience in the chemical industry can help you meet those challenges with proven JMP strategies and solutions for process control, material handling, data collection and management, and energy management.

Experience in process control will improve yield, quality and process operations from shift to shift

An average of 20+ years in batch process control and continuous process control optimizing, upgrading and replacing controls with minimal plant interruption. We understand the risks associated with modifications to any chemical process and have mitigation plans to ensure any changeovers are uneventful.

Advanced expertise in combustion control provides cost reductions, process stability and reduces environmental impact

Improved performance and reduced energy costs applying expertise in boiler/heater combustion controls, burner management utility controls, remote I/O monitoring, advanced process control, tuning and control evaluations.

Proven Solutions for Energy Management

JMP has improved performance for clients in the gas industry with energy management modules designed specifically for header pressure control, boiler load allocation, turbine load allocation, load shedding and utility tie line control.

Improved safety using flexible automated material handling solutions

JMP’s Automation Division has developed solutions that will improve employee safety while reducing non-value added labour costs associated with handling dangerous, heavy, or volatile materials usually with an 18 month ROI.

Chemical manufacturers benefit from realistic, real-time information about their plants’ operating capacities

Better data capture and information flow up, down and across an enterprise helps with driving cost down, quality up and turns knowledge into performance.

Value of an Experienced Partner

While many companies continue to reduce their engineering staff, advancements in technology are increasing the complexity of many automation projects. JMP offers relevant engineering and operations support.