JMP Engineering (Corporate)


JMP’s Water-Wastewater group specializes in helping municipalities, equipment OEMs, and industrial clients manage their water and wastewater treatment plans safely and in a cost effective manner. Our reputation is grounded on delivering well-managed, fully-documented and thoroughly tested solutions.


No matter what type or size of Municipal plant you operate, the control systems are a critical piece of your operation. Instrumentation, software, controls, panels, and SCADA systems need to be designed and integrated properly to ensure safety and reliability of operations around the clock. JMP works closely with consultants, contractors, and operators to provide project and operational support.

Equipment OEM

For equipment OEM’s, JMP’s Water-Wastewater group can collaborate with your engineering team to design, program, startup, and support PLC and DCS control systems at the heart of your products. Our team is available to travel globally, supporting installations both small and large, often spanning months to years of effort.


For industrial customers including food, life sciences, marine, and manufacturing, JMP helps clients meet and manage their water quality requirements for consistent processes and production. In addition, we have controls and information solutions designed to meet critical regulatory and safety objectives.

Reduce Operating Costs

Management is concerned with rising operating costs including chemicals, energy, labour and travel. Integrated control and information solutions can help identify and analyze strategies to bring those expenses down.

Simplified System Operation

Disparate or different systems and interfaces across the plant(s) can result in complicated troubleshooting and reporting procedures for operators, causing bottlenecks and increased effort. Designing and engineering simplicity and standardization into the operation of the system can dramatically improve operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Experienced Project Management and Contract Administration

Consultants, OEM’s, and municipal operators each have the opportunity to save time and expense associated with change orders and contract administration. This is particularly true when scope or minimum requirements were not clearly documented or known. JMP is a certified CSIA Control Systems Integrator and applies consistent business practices and standards to every project. Clients value knowing what they can expect from JMP and how we save them time by clarifying and mitigating project scope, risk, and issues at project onset by providing qualified project managers.

Reliability and Responsiveness

Control systems and networks operate around the clock and we understand service interruptions are critical and costly. JMP’s branching model provides local support to many of our water and wastewater customers. With our 24/7 standard customer support program, we can walk customers through problems over the phone, or we can provide on-site support when required.

Director Approved Operator Training

Government regulations regarding mandatory continuing education for operators has increased over the past few years. During this time, the related cost and benefits have been more difficult to justify. Most certified training courses available are not directly applicable to the local facility, or the courses providing the greatest value are often not director-approved. JMP’s Director Approved Training modules solve many of the problems of off-site operator education. Each course ensures your staff will get the quality of specific vendor training combined with the benefits of government approved CEU course credits. Our Director Approved Training programs provide the best value for your facility’s needs.

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