JMP Engineering (Corporate)

JMP Cuts Paint Use by 40% and Saves This Client Almost $1,000,000

The Challenge

Lacking a consistent method for applying paint, our client, an automotive parts manufacturer, was wasting material and money, greatly reducing their profit base. Each of their customers had a different specification for applying paint, but the system could only handle one specification and had to default to the maximum, which in turn was the most expensive option. The result was wasted material and an increased cost of production.

JMP Approach

Starting with a consultative process, JMP met with the Area Manager, Controls Specialist, Project Management, Maintenance and IT, where we worked to understand the problem’s impact and brainstormed how to solve it. While building credibility with the client, we gathered input and defined the project plan and specs. Using a number of technologies, including RFID, datalinc, Rockwell Automation, Control Logic, Recipe Management, Devicenet, SLC5/05 and E-coat painting process, we achieved a process improvement. We also set up a wireless network to facilitate wireless communication between the PLCs. With no scheduled downtime and a process that ran 24/6, we needed to work without a shutdown, using weekends as test days. To save money on the project, rather than create something new, we revised previous PLC and recipe management project templates that were tried, proven and cost effective.

JMP’s Unique Value

After being referred by one of our client’s partners, JMP worked together with the client, using their knowledge of the process with our technical expertise, to provide the best solution possible. We guaranteed our performance with a well-planned schedule and then delivered the results.

The Client Payoff

The client got their expected results on schedule and saved time and money. The amount of paint applied was reduced to 40% on parts from 8mm to 1mm, saving $600,000 to $1,000,000 a year.