JMP Engineering (Corporate)

JMP Installs Wireless Technology and Eliminates Unscheduled Downtime

The Challenge

Our client, an automotive assembly line, had an outdated, inefficient system that was at risk of complete failure at any time. This existing LJU carrier system required constant reactive maintenance to its proprietary controls and track system. Support for the system was non-existent. Parts were only available on an as build basis and even quick troubleshooting was impossible without the tools and valid support systems needed. Major hardware failure would mean death to the system and the line.

The JMP Approach

JMP quickly took the lead and removed the obsolete hardware, replacing it with a modern and readily-available control system using a phased commissioning approach. We added a human machine interface (HMI) providing centralized control and detailed fault analysis. A non-contact wireless communication network replaced the existing contact rail communications system, eliminating the root cause for unscheduled downtime. Wireless audits were performed before and after installation to validate the performance and impact of the new system.

JMP’s Unique Value

JMP, along with the technology OEM, teamed up to create the optimal solution to meet the client’s requirements. This solution also took advantage of new industry leading wireless communications technology, which was a first for the client. JMP knew exactly what needed to be done and how to do it.

The Client Payoff

Upon completion of the project, the customer can rest assured that their carrier line will operate to its intended specifications, reducing the risk and worry stemming from maintenance issues and downtime. The effective life of the system has been extended, avoiding a costly replacement. The end result was reduced downtime and maintenance impacting production.