JMP Engineering (Corporate)

Power House DCS Gets A New Life

The Customer’s Challenge

The customer required an upgrade and expansion of their existing power house control system to accommodate inclusion of new boilers and consolidation of operations into a new control room. They pre-selected a Honeywell System.

The JMP Approach

JMP engineers reviewed the customer’s complete system and determined the best way to move forward. They would upgrade the existing Honeywell PlantScape System to ExperionPKS, integrate the new boiler and balance of the plant controls into the ExperionPKS System, and finally complete the new system installation and startup.

JMP’s Unique Value

JMP’s extensive experience enabled them to craft a solution aligned with the customer’s requirements and required close coordination with customer preselected vendors including systems supplier, burner and boiler supplier, and BMS supplier. The proposed project also required a multi-year phased implementation to align with the planned demolition of existing boilers and new boiler delivery and installation. JMP was committed to the project from inception until the last new boiler was online.

The Customer Payoff

JMP’s solution included complete responsibility for Control System specification, design and delivery and coordination of hardware vendor(s) scheduling and supply.

Details included:

  • System detailed specification and design
  • Instrumentation specification, procurement, and supply
  • Electrical design, construction & installation supervision
  • SAMA/Control Logic design
  • System implementation, staging & CAT
  • Start-up, tuning and multi-year support

Additional Details

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