JMP Engineering (Corporate)

Engineering & Integration

Automation Program Translation Services

Challenges arise when systems breakdown and local technicians cannot maintain these new systems due to language barriers in the automation and control system programs. Automation Program Translation Service empowers your maintenance department!

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Director Approved Training

Ensure your staff get the quality of specific vendor training combined with the benefits of government-approved CEU course credits. Our training provides the best value for your facility’s needs.

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Industrial Safety Compliance Program™

This safety solution helps maintenance supervisors and others who are responsible to manage or investigate safety compliance within the plant, prevent the cost overruns and unforeseen issues common in standard practice.

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Operational Support Services

Operational support that will help your engineering and maintenance departments in operating and maintaining your plant’s systems and technology cost effectively. You’ll save time, save money, and reduce risk.

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Plant Performance Accelerator

Manufacturing is fighting to manage variable demand under very tight financial constraints. JMP has developed the Plant Performance Accelerator™ to be a catalyst for change in this area.

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Plant to Enterprise Integration

JMP engages our customers with a proven approach to help bridge the gap between the top floor and the shop floor, which results in more effective decision-making and supply chain agility for our customers.

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